Project description

The Blekinge Offshore project includes the construction of 500-700 wind turbines Hanöbuktens. These will produce 7-8 TWh of electricity annually, which is equivalent to about 5% of Sweden’s annual electricity consumption, the annual electricity production in a major nuclear reactor, the annual electricity needs of 1.2 million Swedish households. Halve the electricity deficit in the electricity area 4, which reduces price differences

Blekinge Offshore is one of the largest individual infrastructure projects in Sweden, for a sustainable future.

Area 200 km2
Djup 10-40 m
Effekt ca 2500 MW
Turbiner ca 500 – 700 st
Elanslutning 16 km
Installationshamn 17 km
Drift & underhållshamn 10 km
Beräknad medelvind 8,5 m/s
Energi ca 7-8 TWh